1, SAVE, I can’t emphasize how important saving and investment is but if there’s one thing you should try out,It’s saving even if it’s 1naira/1dollar start somewhere and watch how your savings grow gradually, it’s something, You definitely have heard this aying “SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE”.

2, BE KIND, Make sure 2022 does not end without you showing a kind gesture to someone, it could be a relative, stranger, an orphan etc just be kind enough to show love to that person and this world will be much more better.

3, TRAVEL, If you have the resources why not traveling is a way of learning and knowing more about people, culture, food, cities and anything that tickles your fancy, it’s time you think about that trip you have been promising yourself remember “do not do tomorrow what you can do today “

4, PROCRASTINATION, If there’s anything you should do away with it’s procrastinating, you did a whole lot of it in the first half of this year don’t let it steal your joy like the saying says “Procrastination is a theft of time”Don’t let it steal yours.

5, SHARE,If you know how to do something , Share your knowledge,Don’t be stingy with it remember you got it somewhere and it has impacted you, someone somewhere needs it,decide to be a blessing today.You don’t know who might need that knowledge? Then Organize free workshops, online classes,gather the students then teach and give all of you. There’s always beauty in sharing.😊😍